Alex Rider: Stormbreaker

Author: Anthony Horowitz

The Plot:

Alex Rider is smart, brave, and resourceful. His uncle passes away mysteriously and Alex is thrown into a whirlwind of an adventure. MI6 contacts him to help them solve a mystery of a mysterious rich genius, his extraordinary computers and of Alex’s uncle’s death. Alex dives head first into the case and soon people are trying to kill him while he’s trying to find out what Herod Sayle, the rich entrepreneur, is up planning.

Will Alex be able to solve the mystery? Will he be murdered in the mean time by the mysterious Mr. Sayle and his loyal team of agents?

My thoughts:

I enjoyed this book in the beginning, but as the end of the book drew near, I realized how some parts of this book were very unrealistic. It became very annoying. Another unpleasant part of this novel was that there was no character development or depth whatsoever. Arrgh! I wanted to know so much more about Alex. During Alex’s adventures, he didn’t have a friend or sidekick and I believe that for an adventure you need a duo or team of people to help the main character along the way. A lot of this book seemed unfinished or not detailed enough for me. I did enjoy some of the action, but there were parts of it was super unrealistic, like I said.. I want to try the second book to see if there is any more depth.. Stormbreaker was quite unpleasant and annoying, but I was also excited to read what was going to happen to Alex next, so I can’t be totally negative about this book. 

Keep reading,

~The Bookworm Girl

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